How I decided to write again…

by mirunaandra

Having had a blog for a couple of years… Oh, wait. That’s not actually true. I had a blog indeed, which was lying in my own ignorance for a couple of years. Somehow, a few months ago something happened..let’s call it ‘the desire to write again just for the sake of it’ and I wrote 2 posts. Nothing more. Then, it was all gone..until I reached home again and I was browsing through the dusty folders of my rusty old computer. And then I saw it: the inspiration. Tones of pages written by me! It felt unbelievable and all of a sudden I realized that I need to write again because that’s been my hobby since I’ve known myself. So here I am again, sharing thoughts, hopes, ideas and dreams on an online platform once again. I could have used my old account, but I decided to start brand-new. Hello, world!