People who move on

by mirunaandra

I moved on so many times in my life. I am still very young, so I guess I’ll keep moving on a thousand times more. But what makes people move on? Is it just a simple letting go of things or something more deep beneath? Fear? Disappointment? Ambition? Desire for better?

I meet people and I am a very good observer. I enjoy the scene we generically call ‘life’. It never fails to amaze me on a daily routine. I’ve met people who moved on, and grew as extraordinary people. I think it takes courage to get over experiences and embrace the ‘no’ when it comes to staying. It’s brave to over-analyze it and think about the possibilities of ‘what’s beyond all of this’. And, believe me, it’s so much more than all you could be going through right now. It’s a whole new life. I have friends, who live in different countries and I’ve learnt from them that determination and the desire for better it’s a key ingredient.

Why stay stuck into something that doesn’t make you happy anymore? Why don’t go for those  tiny things that make your blood rush through your veins again? It’s scary, but it’s fascinating and it’s new all in the same time. It’s a world full of opportunities. It’s all about taking *that* chance.

If you are not doing a thing that you enjoy, why keep doing it? There must be something out there for you that makes you happy and you are exceptional at. Personally,  I hate being stuck with things that don’t fill me with energy and enthusiasm. I will always encourage chasing dreams and being outstanding. Of course, it can be difficult to give up on something that feels certain and offers you stability. But..there is always a fresh start waiting around the corner for any of us.

All of us, deep inside ourselves, are extraordinary. All it takes is to discover ourselves and to be with and do something that makes us realize how truly good we are. This is why, sometimes, all we are left with is…moving on.