What I’ve learnt about myself and others

by mirunaandra

I love people. I love being surrounded by people. They give me energy and ‘la joie de vivre’. It’s something about the people I meet that I always find intriguing and I always want to find out more and more…and more. Meeting people helps me…meet with myself, if I can put it that way. It’s a whole learning experience that I find  rewarding. I must admit, I hate loneliness. I am so scared of living in an utter loneliness, it’s like a nightmare I keep having. The streets offer me a live show. The scene of life is such a fascinating place to be.

Has it ever  happen to you to meet people that completely changed your life? Just think for a second. They don’t need to say anything to you, maybe. But only doing a simple eye-contact with them, looking deep into their eyes only even for a few seconds, might have an impact on you. Sometimes even a touch or a kiss can totally disarm you. Nothing more, nothing else. A glimpse of their eyes, a kiss, a smile. And you can be completely changed because even though I would love to deny it, some people really leave prints into my life. There mere presence just feels comforting and refreshing… This is how interesting I find people. It’s worth discovering new personalities, but you get to learn new stories and it always challenges you intellectually and emotionally.

What I’ve learnt is that sometimes it can be so tricky to understand deep meanings. I was talking to one of my friends that I don’t like complicated things or situations. And then my friend asked me ‘But do you like simplicity and commonness?”. And my answer obviously was: of course not! So this made me think that maybe I need to find a mean between these two. How do I do that? That’s yet unknown. Apparently, ‘complicated’  seems to describe my way of living in a much better way than simplicity. If that’s a bad or good thing, I wouldn’t have a clue…