In the quest for happiness

by mirunaandra

Happiness is for some people like a race, like a chase between a cat and a mouse. Funny analogy, isn’t it? But everybody seems to be having this ultimate goal in life  that they want to reach the supreme level of happiness. But this is wrong, happiness shouldn’t be a destination, but the journey itself. Every little thing that one does should bring internal satisfaction to an extent. So maybe it’s also about how you take the best out of everything you do and everything that happens to you.

I am in my 20s, but even so I must say I had my share of rough events that left a mark on me emotionally. And I am not talking about tiny little things, but those kind of events that shaken up your whole world and make you think that some things can turn out really unexpectedly. I just take that moment of taking a step back and it’s as if you just stopped for a while – your whole life keeps developing in front of you but you can’t move at all. When these kind of things happened to me a few years ago, I had the choice to either stick true to myself or to make myself bitter. I am somehow a bitter-sweet personality, but this is also because that’s how I am structured. But, getting back to the point where I’ve started from, in those crossroad moments I’ve realised that a smile will make my day better and being positive would be a better option than to take all my inner rage on others. That’s how I’ve learnt that it is important to stay balanced. It’s wrong to channel all your bad energies on others, when they don’t actually deserve that. So, I reached this conclusion that if I want to be happy I can be. It’s only how I get to see the things around me.

Every little things counts. The bigger things count even more. And everyday I am learning about myself and others. And I am maybe looking for that supreme happy moment, after all. And if I am now having wet puppy eyes when writing, it’s because I am thankful. And happy. It’s difficult to cross lines between lots of things, but what if people will just always go ahead with their impulses all the time? Would this world make sense still? Would people be happier? Are we all looking for the same thing in the end? Because I think that if we were, than our own individuality will be non-existent. My life experience can’t be understood by many people, and this makes me who I am now. The people I get to see on the streets every single morning while biking my way through are all distinct individuals. They have their happy and sad moments. But they all seem to me like focused on the wrong aspects. Worrying takes you nowhere, but not worrying raises questions marks as well.

In my quest for happiness, I find myself with lots of questions marks. But let’s face it: nobody can deny the thing that a shiny happy face can make one’s day better. So if I am able to bring this message to people, that I know I’ve accomplished something great.