by mirunaandra

People are clueless when it comes to basically everything. We sometimes tend to have such an inflated self – view, that we even believe we know everything, when at the end of the day we might know nothing at all. We think of ourselves as the warriors, the ones that will change the world, that ones that will make everything better for once and for all.

Why are people so clueless after all?

  1. We wake up every day with enthusiasm, but if something comes up the reverse of the medal hits us and we are faced with disappointment. Basically, this literally means that we can’t predict anything. We should let life surprise us.
  2. We are terrible, believe me, awfully terrible at reading signs. This fast-paced world turned us into some robotized beings who  are always into facebooking, whatsapping or whatever -ing that comes to your mind.  But when we are faced with real life situations, we never know how to react. We are afraid of being too obvious, but in the same time we want to show how we feel. This basically places us in a circle of expectations that takes us nowhere, as long as we don’t get out of the circle.
  3.  When it comes to love, we definitely become even worse. It all becomes like a chase and an insecurity-thing, than what is supposed to be romantic. Long gone are the days when people would just tell each other how they feel. And even further away those day when people would have just asked one another for a date. You know what I mean, right? Those nice, sweet, cuddling dates with a picnic in a park or sweet-talk in a steamy cafe.
  4. We are always looking for something in life, but we never know  exactly what. Or we say something really vague like having a good career, being happy or having two children. But nobody actually thinks of how we get there. Maybe it’s better to not think that much – it just burns even more neurons and we wouldn’t like this to happen to us.
  5. When we get what we want, we don’t really know what to do next. Or even worse, we realise that this is not what we were looking for. Which makes the situation waaay more confusing.

So,  my token of wisdom for today is that people are clueless about stuff in general. And if we blame others for being clueless, we should first take a look at ourselves. We are on the same boat, folks!