10 Things you’ll learn in your 20s and nobody warned you about

by mirunaandra

I once had someone telling me that being in your 20s is the trickiest time of your life. Always unsure, always too sure, full of expectations, ambitions, dreams and desires.

1. It’s okay to go out of your comfort zone. Let’s face it. If you don’t dare to do all those crazy things you never thought you will do now, believe me, you’ll never do them any other time. By the time you would have reached 30s you will probably be swimming in a mass of paperwork for your work, family and visiting your lovely ones.

2. Who your true friends are. Yes, you’ve just read it. And you’ll be so disappointed that from that dozens of friends you used to have, you’ll stick only with a few of them. But don’t be sad. Be happy. Now you know who is going to be there for you through good or bad and who you can really trust. Those who matter will always be there, the others were there only for you to feel surrounded by people.

3.Falling in love with the wrong one. Ok, we’ll all be there, sooner or later. And it’s going to hurt, because it matters. And you’ll try to convince yourself with billions of arguments that it’s going to work at some point and that love conquers everything. But your inner self will tell you that you’ve probably watched too many cheesy movies, with a box of tissues next to you and another two boxes of chocolates. Let’s get real. What’s meant to be will be, what’s not will not. Don’t make your life harsher than it is by hoping that things can change.

4. The art of letting go. Sometimes it’s just better to learn to let go. It’s difficult, I should know. But instead of feeling hopelessly miserable, it’s wiser to realise that there are people who you don’t really need in your life and that they don’t need. Or there are dreams that will never come true. Instead of hoping in vain, make sure you get your feet of the ground.

5. Do the things you love until it’s too late. Do sports. Dance. Laugh. Enjoy. Kiss. Hug people. Hug even trees if you feel like that. Read a lot. Watch your favorite movie until you memorize all the quotes. Follow your path to the career you want. Don’t dream to become a doctor and do business school instead. Make changes at the right time! Don’t wait for the destiny to shape your life, you can be in charge. Don’t let things be, BE!

6.Living on your own is not as hard as it might seem. Moving away for university life might seem a struggle. Especially if you have to move thousands of kilometers away from your home. There is the uncertainty feeling that hits you and you already picture yourself being stuck between four walls and not knowing where to start from. But, believe me, my friend, you can do it. A bit of organization, some cooking skills and knowing that no one will do the cleaning for you might be some stepping-stones. Let’s see the bright side: on those gloomy days that you are in a no-talking mood, it pays back even better! You can just simply close the door to your room, and here comes your super awesome glorious personal space.

7. That no matter where you are, your parents will always be an oasis of peace and the people to turn to. I always think that people who are not in good terms with their folks miss out so much. You’ll realise that your parents are the one and only constant support you’ll have and the people that will be beside you regardless of anything. For them, you are perfect and they might judge, because they want the best for you. They try to get the best out of you, because they know you can.

8.Joining a gym will help you on so many levels. Firstly, 20s are the years of your student life. And we all know how many greasy and fried meals or extremely sweet brownies are out there. Join that fitness club right next to your door, it energizes you and changes your spirit completely. It’s an investment you’ll make for the rest of your life. Take care of your body and mind, because you still need them for the years to come.

9. In the end, you’ll get to fall in love with the right person. And it’s gonna be amazing. It’s gonna be perfect for you.

10. You’ll learn that you are more human than you thought. Maybe this relates to my personal experience in a way, but I always had this tendency to think of my self as a very strong person that stands out of the crowd. Well, it took me some shots, and some wine to realise that I am as human as everybody else out there. We are weak and tempted and we can hardly resist temptation. But this is okay. Because we get to learn about ourselves as individuals and, my friends, that’s the sweetest lesson you can have.