This is the world we have created

by mirunaandra

I was thinking today, in one of my I think-way-too-much moments, that there is something totally wrong about the world we live in. I was reading several articles about what people are supposed to do, focus, not do in their 20s and I must say that as much as I agree, as much I also disagree.

We live in such a fast-paced world, and everything has been resumed to texting and doing everything via the internet. We share our personal life on an online platform, interact with others online, dream about our lives online…everything is becoming more and more virtual. Where is the reality then? There must be something that will wake us up from this compliance and we’ll realize we have to start living a real life. To meet people outside the virtual world, to feel the air, to have walks in the park instead of just sitting lazily on a chair in front of a computer screen and looking outside the window and saying “It’s such a beautiful day today”. Well, if it is, why are you not enjoying it to the fullest?

We are doing everything too fast and too wrong. We feel that time is running us, when we are so young and powerful that we should run the time. We should take everything slower and realise that there is so much more to life than just running through it in an incredible attempt of reaching our ambitious goals. We are missing to much in our constant rush. We forget to live and feel. We forget to smile from the heart and to give a hug when someone really deserves it.

We also forget to give something back to people. We are becoming more and more afraid of expressing our true emotions and feelings because people will judge us. We hide beneath some masks and we prefer to close the doors to our soul because we might get hurt. There is nothing wrong with being honest and sincere, because it is in those moments when people are the most beautiful. They become weak and fragile and there is something about them that makes you love them even more.

Some people say that being in your 20s should be about defining yourself and focusing on your future career and not on how you should find love. I am not saying that we should not develop our own personality, but we are young and we will never be this young again. And finding someone at this age will be blessing. He/she doesn’t necessarily have to be your soulmate, but rather the person that constantly challenges you and makes you feel alive. Everybody can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.

And in order to be happy with someone, you have  be happy with yourself first. And this has probably become the most crucial battle in today’s society. People just tend to forget who they really are and are following some norms and patterns just because it’s socially accepted. But there is no ‘dressing code’; people should feel free to be who they really want to be instead of defining themselves by means of others’ expectations. We are all beautiful in our own way. We just need to take a few moments, every morning, look in the mirror and accept ourselves. And winning this battle with yourself will probably be the sweetest victory ever. Because at the end of the day, you will be seeing the real you and you will be happy to see that you are growing up. Accepting who you really are is a huge step towards becoming an adult and letting go of that teen inside of you.

There definitely needs to be a change in mindset, because it’s such a pity that we forget to live, love and share. We should take it slower and we’ll become much happier. There is still plenty of time. But we need to act now.