When you are in love…

by mirunaandra

There are millions of butterflies in your stomach, they used to tell me when I was little. But are the butterflies the sole confirmation of you being in love? I love seeing people in love. That moment when you see it in their sparkling eyes it’s priceless. Their eyes are shiny and happy and full of joy. You can read it on their face. And the smile…bigger than ever, and happier than ever.

When you are in love you are yourself. You see yourself in the eyes of that person and every little piece fits in the puzzle. You can be silly, cute, moody, needy, selfish, sexy, sad, crying, happy, but still yourself. And you are accepted for being so.

When you are in love you are doing crazy things. You get romantic and extremely cheesy but you don’t mind because that’s the side  you never thought you had.

When you are in love, you learn to love all the little things. The way your lover looks at you. The way your fingers inter-twin when you hold hands. The way he grabs your waist and you know you are all his. His smile. His eyes. The moment when you put your head on his chest and you feel safer than ever. The way he tells you he loves you. Late night talks. Good morning messages. The moments when you share deepest fears and emotions.

And you get lost in all these things, that make up a way bigger picture. And you learn to love someone for who they are as individuals, for what they are for you, for how you feel when you are together. And then you realise you are in love.