How to inspire yourself

by mirunaandra

I was thinking for a couple of weeks already, how do people inspire themselves? What makes them tremble with excitement and enthusiasm for what they are doing? How can we become that better selves we are all reaching towards in a world that seems totally wrong sometimes?

Some of us need nature – staying in a little park, by the lake and listening to music. This brings in that feeling of being in your own world, in which you can put your thoughts together and try to find answers to your problems by yourself. And that’s a challenge sometimes, but while being in a place that makes you feel good, you find yourself in a serenity state of mind. While you are running through your thoughts, you just realise how beautiful this world can be, if you take a moment to look at it from outside. And then you can be so amazed and feel how your blood rushes faster through your veins…and here you go: inspiration, motivation, balance.

Some of us…write. And that’s probably an amazing thing to do, because writing helps you take out all the negative energies and channel them into something beautiful and creative. Basically, you can inspire yourself though your own self. Ain’t that magical enough?

But, what I’ve learnt lately, is that the right people can be the best inspiration. I think you just have to look for the right people and to surround yourself with happy, shiny and beautiful people. Inspiration lies in the beautiful connections that we create with others, no matter how many oceans apart we can be. And realising that time changes us, but it will never change that click we have, brings a feeling of relief and happiness. Inspiration means being able to talk for hours, a simple touch on the skin, a smile, or even a kiss that lifts you up all of a sudden.

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to find the right things, people, activities that help you not lose track of what you have to do. go to your favorite cafe and eat your favorite pie and inspiration will come. Go visit a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Go for a walk or a run. Find the time to read a good book. Find the little things that are rewarding for you, and don’t worry.