New beginnings

by mirunaandra

There’s  always something about starting fresh again – especially after a while in which you felt stuck in a hectic routine that wasn’t letting you do the things you’ve always loved to do. However, it’s also scary…going somewhere new, taking a new job, starting a new study or meeting new people…sometimes all these might not be as you hoped or planned them to be. But I guess it’s always worth the risk, right?

Most of us feel they can reinvent themselves from all these new beginnings. They become the turning point from which people can finally do things differently and make up for the mistakes of the past. Or it’s just a new stage in the life to mature and see things from a different perspective. But it’s scary to leave behind a life you know in order start from scratch again. It’s like a huge gap settles inside yourself and it’s just filled with air and uncertainty. ‘Where will the new path I’ve chosen take me now?’ some of us might ask ourselves. I guess it’s ok to be scared – after all, humans are not pieces of stones than stand in the middle of a windy storm and still feel nothing ( meh, maybe even the poor little stone will be a bit tormented after being hit by strong winds and pouring rain but nevermind). We have all these feelings and uncertainties trapped inside our bodies that sometimes make us stare at the ceiling during night hours and still can’t find the solutions to our problems. But shouldn’t we embrace new chances with all our being and say ‘yes’ to the challenge with one breath? What I’ve never liked about fresh starts it’s that you always have to leave some special ones behind and you are never sure what will happen with the relationships and connections you’ve created during the years. But what I’ve learnt from my personal experience is that those that matter with always stick around.

I’ve always put tons of hope in new beginnings – seeing them as a chance to start from scratch every single time and always saying to myself ‘this time things will work out way better’. Every single time I go somewhere new, being it a holiday or a place to stay for a few years or even few months, I allow myself to see the world and by doing this I also get to discover unknown puzzle pieces of my own self.  Maybe I’ll become braver, smarter or just simply better. In a few days, a new beginning awaits for me somewhere completely new and completely far away from everything and everyone I know. It’s not a journey, it’s a whole adventure, but I am ready to embrace it wholeheartedly.