Living for now

by mirunaandra

A few months ago I was waiting for my flight in the low-cost travellers lounge and I was kind of bored, so I decided to buy a book. I didn’t have any particular book in my mind, but there was one that caught my attention through it’s title: ‘A thousand pieces of me’ – yes, I am one of those readers that choose books  by their titles or nice covers, don’t judge! The cover also said it’s a book about living for now – it sounded very interesting as I was passing through one of those phases in my life that I wasn’t sure were I was heading to. I bought the book eventually, and I have to admit it didn’t win me over from the very beginning, but in the end it was one of the most awe-inspiring books I have read in a while. And indeed it gave me some food for thought…

We have to live in the present moment, that’s for sure. Clinging onto mistakes of the past, memories that lead nowhere and indulging ourselves with moments that we will never live again won’t allow us to be here, in the ‘now’ moment. We will be trapped in our memories and we will miss out on so many things out there.

But once we decide to live for now, we should do it the big way, with no regrets of doing  something wrong. We should say what we want to say, despite the fact it might be wrong, that it might tear our world apart. If that’s what we feel, we shouldn’t be afraid of looking foolish in the eyes of others. We should live freely by forgetting about the judgmental attitudes of the others around us.  After all, it’s our own life we are leading and it shouldn’t be influenced by others. If we don’t do the things we want to do now because we are waiting for the right moment, we might be disappointed. That ‘right’ and ‘perfect’ moment might never come and we might be waiting in vein. We should tell people we love them, because one day it might be too late. You never know what might happen the next day, so you might as well do the things you want to do now. Because…sometimes things happen so fast that we are unable to realize what is happening with us and how life can be playing such tricks upon ourselves. I personally had such fast-paced unfortunate incidents in my life that I couldn’t understand how I got from a complete happiness to an utter sadness. That’s why I am saying that people should be enjoying the time they are given, in all its different forms, because that’s the only time they have. And it’s never coming back.  And this time should be enjoyed in all possible manners, because living can happen by enjoying a steaming latte machiatto in a relaxing cafe with a book and some jazzy vibes in the background or by hardcore partying in one of the craziest clubs in the world.

So we might as well put on some dancing shoes, wear a big smile and an open heart, and live. Just live.