Off we go – POSTED later due to poor internet connection

by mirunaandra

I’ve always loved airports. They are such fascinating places to be…even though my 8h layover that will take me to Hong Kong seems unbearable at the moment! And damn, the free internet it’s only for 45 min! But I guess I will never be that crazy again (regardless of the very cheap tickets price) to buy a flight with such a long stop-over.

But at the moment I am enjoying a Grande Latte at Starbucks and looking at the window at these huge planes that depart who knows where. In about 4 hours I will also be sitting in one of them and I must say…the excitement is getting bigger and bigger. I am probably in one of the biggest adventures of my life and I have no regrets at all for embarking on this amazing journey. But now, here I am, sitting in the airport…

It’s nice to just stay and watch people from all spectrums of life passing you by. I always try to guess where they are from, where are they heading…I am curious to hear their stories of the world, to learn new things from them. I guess there is no single other place like these: so many cultures clustered in such a tiny ( ok, maybe not so tiny space since I am now in Heathrow) space such as an airport. I like the nervousness of these kinds of places, but also the chilling lounges where you can take a deep breath of silence.

I feel so little now…and the world seems so big. I am just realising that my life is happening now, and I have to enjoy every single moment of it and be open to all kinds of experiences. People are passing me by in their craze of catching their flights and I could say I have never loved looking at people as much as I do now. It’s so interesting how such an artificial environment can offer me such a beautiful show of life – the show of the world trapped between some huge windows!