Reality hits

by mirunaandra

Time flies in Hong Kong. After a busy week, I feel like I am at least improving at my orientation skills – don’t seem to need the public transportation map anymore! and I am starting to figure out in which direction to look when crossing the street – like a pro! Today I finally had some proper chinese food – which was cheap and very tasty!

And after a Friday’s night partying, Saturday was just an oasis of peace and relaxation: went to the beach which basically meant forgetting that I am in one of Asia’s most buzzing and bustling cities! I felt like I was completely far away from the real world. Laying there under the incredibly hot sun beams and listening to the sound of the water I was however woken up by the feeling that these months will pass so fast and by the end of December I have to figure out what I want to do after graduating from my Bachelor. But the problem is that I don’t feel like thinking of grown-up stuff like now – I just want to live the moment and go with the flow. I just need one sign – no matter how little it is – that will show me the path. I need it so much, because now I know where I come from but I have no clue where I am heading. I guess I’ll just figure it out at some point but who know’s when that point is going to come. And what if I miss my sign?

Well, probably I won’t. Probably it will be fireworks and all the shiny things – haha!