I am the change

by mirunaandra

Today I had one of the most amazing, engaging and thought-provoking classes I have ever taken in my Business studies. It was probably the course I’ve been looking forward for so long, as I needed something to challenge my thinking again from a thinking-outside the box perspective.

During the class, the professor mentioned something about an essay topic he used during last year’s course about us being the change. I’ve always found this topic interesting, as I always thought of myself as a person that can make a difference. Even though I must admit there’s been so many times when I felt I am powerless and I am losing control of my own destiny and didn’t know where I was heading, well I guess I can be the change. I am not pointin out towards whatever huge impact-making change that will bring peace all over the world. I am pretty sure I am not that powerful – or maybe I am? But I like to think of myself that I can make a little impact on people’s lives and that I can also be the change within myself. For instance, while here I am learning how hard it is to let go of things of the past.

But one thing about change, is that it can always bring either good or bad things – depending on which path you choose to go. As the professor said, you can go right and get hit by a bus, or you can turn on the left street and meet the man of your dreams. Nonetheless, I find it so hard to take this step further and just…let go. Not look back. Not have any regrets. Stop having all what ifs in my mind. Stop thinking of ‘what might have been’. Just…moving on. I am so far away from what my past means right now, that I feel change will come more naturally. It feel like sailing…getting on a boat and slowly taking off the shore to reach for something else. I guess I can do it. I can be the change. I can free myself from any monkeys I might have dancing inside my mind.