Sinking into deep waters

by mirunaandra

Well, the best thing about Hong Kong is that it’s surrounded by water. And I’ve always liked to live in  city by the sea or ocean as I really like being able to just go for a swim every time I feel like. It’s relaxing and it helps me clear my mind off from what’s bugging me on a daily basis.

But what happens when my mind starts to sink in deep waters? It’s not about the physical state of swimming and enjoying some nice and cooling ocean water, it’s about feeling lost at sea, feeling an utter desolation and not being able to come to the surface again. I know I am a troublemaker, but I also know I am a magnet for trouble. Whenever I try to get something right for once in my life, it only goes worse. Well, I guess my karma is a bitch. 

Why can’t I make a right decision for one in my life? Why can’t I think clear for once? How can I do things more meaningful for me? How can I have no worries? How can I know if I am taking the right path?