Taipei or how to chase typhoons

by mirunaandra

It took me a while to find time to write this post, but here it is. I feel it’s getting very hectic around here lately – especially with all the trips I am planning and then the catching up with school work during the weekdays.

We started off the trip on Thursday and the moment we arrive at Taoyuan Airport we literally had no clue where we have to go. I’ve never felt so lost in any of the trips I’ve been too – but this is mainly because my parents always know where we have to go. We took a random taxi to our hostel – yes, I knew the address for this one! and the trip was quite hilarious in the sense that we were panicking we won’t be able to ever check-in – as my reservation papers said the check-in counter operated only until 12 midnight. Say what ? – a hostel ( which was even called  B A C K P A C K E R S ) not having a 24h reception desk? How stupid was that? Oh well, as you might have figured it out by now it was open – of course!

The next day, we woke up with somewhat more energy than the night before and we were all ready to start exploring the city. With a little help from one of our friends living there now, we could see lots of things. Our hostel was close to the Peace Park and then we walked by the Presidential Office  Building towards  Chiang Kay-she Memorial. One of the first things I’ve noticed, compared to Hong Kong at least, was that the humidity was not as bad as HK. And, also, something I really loved and missed were the open and wide streets and not having people bumping into you all the time. We then went to Longshan Temple which was quite interesting as it was an actual temple and I’ve never seen a proper one before. We had lunch at a one Michelin star restaurant that served amazing food for such cheap prices – wish I could go there more often. Taipei 101 was impressive to see – but I realized that the skyline in Hong Kong is far more fascinating and breathtaking than in Taipei.




And if you were wondering how we spent our night out on Friday you might have probably guessed it right by now – in a club! And it was like an actual club – with cocktails (for free haha!) and good music and a large space to dance. I assume I must have really enjoyed at as we got back to the hostel at sunrise….but then we wake up at 12 and had brunch at 3pm with…burgers and french fries. Such a culinary feast!

Saturday went by quite fast – only took the gondola to Maokong to enjoy some tea and then to Shilin Night Market. I really loved the market – and I really mean it. I am usually skeptical about trying out street food as you never know how it is cooked or whatever – but the food there was really delicious! Not to mention how cheap everything was…IMG_7739IMG_7744IMG_7741

And as there was a typhoon going on during our trip there, Sunday was quite rainy so there was not much to do. As there was a typhoon going on in Hong Kong three days ago before our trip, we started wondering if the typhoon was chasing us or we were the ones chasing the typhoon – still wondering about that. We went to National Palace Museum which was nice to see..but I am not a museum-type of person as I never have the patience to walk around and stare at paintings, handcrafts or whatever…


In Taipei they have all sorts of themed-restaurant and my friends wanted to try the Toilet Restaurant. I was very skeptical at first because the idea of eating from toilet-inspired plates didn’t seem very appealing. But after I got used to the idea, I think it was a very fun experience.


We ended our day with some cocktails toasting for a great weekend with both old and new friends and looking forward to the next trips.

…but on Monday, waking up at 4.30am to get ready to go to the airport we were so tired and the cruel reality slapped us in our face: time to go to school again. But now it’s already time to think about how awesome next week is going to be – Beijing here we come!