Singapore for a weekend

by mirunaandra

When I was considering my options for exchange, I had a very big inner struggle on whether Singapore should be my first choice or not. It was my first choice until three days before I had to submit my application – something didn’t click anymore, and I thought Hong Kong will be the place to be. After almost 3 months in Asia, it was high time for me to go Singapore and see if I made the right decision or not. But mostly importantly, I wanted to finally get to see my best friend  – so it was more like going home to my person.

Anne-Fleur and I left on Thursday night to Singapore and got there at a ridiculous 2am, and by that time our brains were completely shut down. Our first ‘experience’ with Singapore was the very funny taxi driver, whom, for the record, we couldn’t really understand what he was saying but he was incredibly funny and had an interesting life story. But when we got to the hostel it was rather funny, as we felt we were breaking in into someone’s house, as the reception was closed and we had to pick up our key from a dropbox. The room looked odd in the dark, but we were too tired to care anymore so we just tried to sleep to get ready for an exciting day.

After barely 4 hours of sleep we met with Denisa at Raffles Place – no need to say that Denisa and I were all over the place with the excitement of seeing each other after so long. So, we had our own private guide – we went to see Chinatown and Little India and tried out the famous butter chicken and some Indian bread which was delicious. Afterwards, we went to see Merlion – and this is when the fun began. In China, we had all these Chinese people taking pictures with us..but was indians. And they kept coming and asking for pictures. In the beginning was funny, but afterwards, we’ve had enough of being a ‘tourist attraction’. During the evening we went to Clarke Quay for dinner and drinks on the bridge and then we went to a super nice club on the 61st floor and ended up having a small Rotterdam reunion. So, it was a fun night.

The next day we went to Marina Bay Sands and the infinity pool. First off, the view from up there is A M A Z I N G and now I am making all my friends jealous with my pictures. Well, sometimes I just get incredibly lucky. In the afternoon we went to Gardens by the Bay. one of the domes was a bit disappointing, except the funny Christmas theme – at 30 degrees Celsius Santa is coming to town! But the second dome was way nicer. But the highlight of the gardens is the Tree Grove, especially when they lighten up in the evening. We spend the evening at the sky bar at Marina Bay Sands, which made for a very chill evening with friends. The sad part was when I had to say bye to Denisa. Two days spent with her was not enough to fill in for the months we haven’t seen each other.

On Sundaym it was Anne-Fleur and I again – so what were we to do? We went back to childhood for a few hours and went to Universal Studios and had so much fun with all the rides. The coolest one was a 3D ride, where you were sitting in a car and you were in a Transformers setting and you were fighting with the robots or falling from the building. It was so cool – it gave me a feeling of empty stomach so badly. After that we went with some rollercoasters, watched a Shrek 4D movie, went in a water ride and got soaking wet – of course, it had to be us who got soaked 😦 . Afterwards we went to Aquarium – which was nice to see, but nothing really WOW. We ended up having dinner with burgers and fries at Clarke Quay and then we called it a night. We had to wake up at 3 in the morning the next day due to our flight scheduled at a ridiculous time – again…And we even made it to class on Monday!

All in all, I liked Singapore and I found it a cool place. It is extremely modern, full of rules and very clean.  and also everything is really expensive. But in a way, it appeared to me a bit too artificial, lacking substance. Also, it didn’t feel too much of a cultural experience, because everything is so much easier there as every one speaks English or..Singlish – because they have such a funny accent. But at the end of the day I realized I made the right decision with Hong Kong. 🙂