It’s not good-bye, it’s see you soon

by mirunaandra

Today my journey through Asia comes to an end. I must say I’ve had the most amazing 4 months and I couldn’t have wished for a better exchange destination than Hong Kong. This amazing, bustling, full of contrasts city has become a real home for me in such a short time. It has never happened to me before to have such a connection with a place – Hong Kong you are definitely amazing for achieving this! I will miss double decker buses, skyscrapers, amazing views,minibuses (Yao Lork!), walking on the wrong side of the road, eating with chopsticks, crowds, the vibe of the city, LKF, Wan Chai Wednesdays, the RC Lee Hall rooftop, a gazzilion of stairs, HKU, my truly inspirational professors,  but most importantly the people that four months ago were complete strangers and now they are my friends.

We’ve shared moments of joy, happiness, hilarious-ness and moments of sadness. It has been a true pleasure to meet every single friend I’ve made here and I’ve had so much to learn from every single one. I’ve realised that this exchange has been by far the richest multicultural experience I will ever get – as in Rotterdam I’ve always have a comfort zone, but here has been different. I am so glad to have met people from all over the world and to expand my network of friends to other amazing countries that are now on my travelling bucket list.  But we’ll see each other again some time, as one never knows where the twisted paths of life will carry us in the future.

Asia has also showed me a complete different world. I got the chance to visit such amazing places and have memories that I will forever carry with me. During these four months I have experienced every method of transportation possible (buses, minibuses, boats, ferries, planes, night buses, night trains and tuk-tuks), I ate food that I’ve never had before, I saw monkeys, walked on the Great Wall of China, swam in the most amazing water possible in the Philippines, stayed on top of Marina Bay Sands, jumped off a cliff, experienced mother nature’s typhoons and many more. All these experiences have been a great opportunity for me to learn more about myself and yet to reflect on my past experiences and learn to enjoy the present more. I have learnt to not have any regrets any more and it feels good to let go of some old demons. Looking back, I will never be the same again – and even though I’ve had some battles with myself lately, I think I will miss the myself as I am right now.

But despite of these, Hong Kong will always be a part of my heart – and a tiny bit of my heart will remain here. Unfortunately, it’s time for me to go. The past few days have been a rollercoaster of emotions, from joyful moments to really emotional ‘good-bye’ moments. But I couldn’t have wished for a better end – drinks, friends, smiles, tears, love, hugs, kisses. Tomorrow everything will seem like a dream, a distant beautiful dream. And I am sad, but at the same time I am happy to go back to mother Europe, to go back to the roots and see my friends and family back home. It’s been a true adventure and I couldn’t have hoped for better. Asia you will forever be missed. But we’ll see each other soon again!