Good-bye 2014, hello 2015!

by mirunaandra

It’s crazy how many things can change in one year…2014 has been a roller-coaster for me, but it has also been the one and only year that I have been faced with unique experiences and adventures. Looking back, I am grateful for every single experience that I was faced with. I have toughen up a little bit, but I have also learnt more about myself and the world I live in.

The start of 2014 was quite rough and challenging and it took me a few months to get back on track and realise nothing is the end of the world. And as the law of compensation works, few days after my birthday I found out that I was going to spend 4 months in Hong Kong. And this was by far the greatest achievement as I wanted this exchange destination so badly. I had so many hopes and dreams about this exchange; when I’ve heard the selection result I knew nothing could stop me.

2014 has been the year of self-discovery and challenges found at every corner. I have failed but I’ve also had great achievements that I am really proud of. I also got a step closer to the crossroads in my life called Bachelor Graduation. What’s next? That’s still unknown, but that’s what 2015 is for. 2014 brought new amazing people in my life that I am so happy to have met, but it has also helped me strengthen some old connections. 2014 has been the year of new beginnings, but also coming back to the roots. I’ve done things I’ve never thought I’d be capable for – and I am still alive! I’ve lived my dream and I did it my way, so to say. I’ve learnt not to have any regrets anymore about the things I’ve done – but rather regret the things I haven’t done. I also became better at living the moment and not thinking everything through a million time – took things easier, followed my heart and my intuition.

I’ve spent the last days of 2014 at home – and I couldn’t have wished for a better end of the year. After 4 adventurous months in Asia, I deserved a couple of days of silence spent with my family to recharge my batteries and be able to welcome 2015 with plenty of energy.

I wish for a 2015 at least as amazing as 2014 has been – because as of now, I am open to any surprises and any opportunities that might come up. Maybe next year I’ll be more mature and responsible, smarter and choose wisely whatever I’ll have to choose. Hopefully, I’ll find my path  next year, but if not, the road is still long and paved with many other adventures for me, I have no doubt about it!