Back to R-town

by mirunaandra

It’s been two weeks since I came back to Rotterdam, though it feels like it’s been months already. I must admit I am still not fully used to the life back here – my mind is still wandering around and longing for my exchange time in Hong Kong ( thanks God with the pictures and videos that always make me smile!).

It felt generally weird to be back: from opening the door of my apartment to waiting in front of CB1 for a 300-people lecture. Not to mention the heavy rain we got in the past weeks..that made me feel really depressed. I am still used to stuff as they were in Hong Kong, so I even found it weird that people weren’t lining up get on the bus. I almost forgot to check out of the bus ( Good bye, Octopus card! Hello back, OV-card!). Probably the best thing of going back so far was seeing my closest friends from here and…normal supermarket prices. Despite the fact that I thought it will be more difficult to get back to cooking, i am actually not that bad…and I am back to healthy eating habits and going to the gym.

I must admit, I was finally feeling like I was getting back to my routines and habits but then something happened: the past hit me. It’s so annoying when you think that you are fine and some stuff cannot touch you anymore, because they happened exactly one year ago, but sometimes they do. And it’s rather anger and regret that hits. But I guess, it’s always going to be like that: people that hurt you like no one else did, will always trigger this kind of feeling inside…But oh well, life goes on, rage doesn’t change the past. It did change me, but I learnt a lot. And I will always carry these take-away lessons with me from now on…

Moving on, this weekend I finally manage to go and check out the new Markhal in the city center and it’s a really nice place – bit pricey, but still nice. It’s like a posh market place, with butcher’s, bakeries, sweet stands, delicacies, restaurants,’s quite cool! I was happy it finally opened 🙂

And apart from that, student life got back to reality now and it’s boooring..especially when you dream of a white sand crystal clear water beach..oh, well…